Sold Over Asking in 0 Days on Market: Steps to a Successful Real Estate Sale.

When you read "Sold Over Asking in 0 Days on Market," you probably have a lot of questions! 

We did indeed sell a house at 109% of list price the first day it went on MLS. How?

In Ontario, a property can have a three-day "exclusive" period before the home is posted for sale on the public MLS system. Putting our FOR SALE sign up two days before posting on MLS meant that buyers and their agents could respond quickly. And they did. The offer was made and accepted on the Wednesday we went live on MLS - 0 days on market.

The "sold over asking!" claim by real estate agents is one I've always eyed skeptically. After all, if a home is intentionally priced well below market value, chances are it will sell over asking. 

Does that mean the seller got the result they wanted? Maybe. Maybe not.

The more meaningful measurement is did the seller get what they wanted? Were they thrilled?

Yes. Our seller was indeed THRILLED with the outcome.

What looked like an overnight success actually took deep market knowledge, the willingness to respond nimbly to dynamic market conditions, and weeks of thoughtful preparation. 

Key steps to a successful real estate transaction

1. Clear Goals and Communication. Having transparent conversations that get everyone aligned on what success looks like.

2. Market Savvy. Success requires real estate agents to by hyper ware of ever-changing local real estate markets, and having the courage to pivot quickly if needed to maximize the seller's earnings. 

3. Outstanding Preparation. Working with real estate agents who hire the best declutterers, stagers, painters, handymen, window washers, cleaners, photographers and videographers to show the property at its best. 

4. Creative Strategic Marketing. Success demands marketing to the widest possible audience of qualified buyers in creative ways that actually resonate. 

5. Strong Negotiation. Success calls for real estate agents who will stand strong when negotiating for the highest possible price for your home. 

If this strategic approach to real estate resonates and you want to be optimally set up for success, I look forward to hearing from you.